Monday, 7 December 2009

Salou beaches

The Villamarina Hotel in Salou is situated just a 10 minute walk away from the main beach, however this short walk is well worth it when you see the beautiful promenade and beach. The beaches of Salou are without a doubt the resort’s main attraction. The fine, golden sand, the clear, shallow waters – the sheer beauty- have captivated, and are still captivating, visitors from far and wide.

Salou coastline is varied. Wide expanses of golden sand blend in with beachfront hotels and residences, while other more intimate beaches are sheltered by pine trees and pretty inlets and coves. Salou has got eight different beaches.

The main beaches in Salou are:

La playa de Levant:
This is longest and the most popular beach in the resort of Salou 1200 metres long and 140 metres wide. It goes from the harbour (Club Naútico Salou) on the west, to a place known as the “cliffs” on the east.

During the summer, an area is set aside for several sport activities. In the old days, when mixed bathing was not allowed, this was known as the “men’s beach”. In the summer there are dancing musical fountains on the promenade of this beach which are well worth the visit, with the Villamarina Club out of all the hotels in Salou been one of the closet to this spectacular attraction.

La playa de ponent:
This is more than one kilometre long. This beach goes from Cambrils to Salou’s harbour.
This was known as the “ladies beach”.

La playa dels capellans:
This is a little beach in the centre of Salou. It’s 220 metres long and can be reached from Brussels street. It edge is on the cliffs.

La playa dels llenguadets:
This is a little cove that can only be reached on foot from Tortosa street. It is very beautiful because it’s surrounded by nature

La playa larga:
It is surrounded by pine trees and nature. It is 600 metres long and you can reach it on foot by Replanells street, close by the road to La Pineda. This a very beautiful beach.
The Villamarina Hotel in Salou offer all inclusive holidays in a family friendly atmosphere, with easy acces to main attractions in Salou.

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Anonymous La Quinta said...

I went with my hubby and kids in 2006 loved it got loads to do beach really nice plenty places to eat etc.

4 March 2010 23:54  

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