Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Train travel from the Villamarina Hotel in Salou

Here in the Villamarina Hotel in Salou we try to ensure we are offering you all the information you will need to ensure you have a fantastic all inclusive holiday. This all inclusive hotel is situated in the old part of Salou just minutes away from the Main train station making this the ideal location for those of you who want to explore. Or it may be that you are a train spotter and would like to watch the trains come through.

The main destination people like to visit when coming to Salou is Barcelona and this could not be easier. The following trains make this so easy and economical at this time for you to do this cost effectively:
  • The Regional Express train leaves Salou station at the following time 7.07, 8.43, 10.13, 19.43 and 20.39 taking approx 1h30mins to get to Barcelona Sants Station.
  • The Catalunya Express train leaves at the following times 14.13. 16.45, 18.18, taking approx 1h20mins to get to Barcelona Sants Station.
  • The Regional Train leaves Salou station at the following times 11.42, 17.36, 18.52, 20.20, taking approx 1h 20 mins to get to Barcelona Sants.
  • Coming back there is a train approx every 2 hours from 06.30am – 21.00pm.
  • Return Tickets from 7 – 11€.
Allowing the freedom to do things in your own time and see what you want to see. You can also visit other destination within the Costa Dorada or surrounding areas, very easily. The Villamarina Hotel in Salou is a fantastic base to visit Salou, the Costa Dorada and Barcelona.

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Visit Andorra from Salou

The Villamarina in Salou gives you a great base to visit this beautiful principality Andorra huddled between mountain peaks in the spectacular Pyrenees just 4 hours from Salou. On the way there, as we go up into the mountains we experience some breathtaking and fantastic scenery on Catalunya and the Costa Dorada. In the morning you can even see the beautiful sun, rising up over the mountains. As you go through Montblanc, and pass many acres of grape vines that produce the finest wines and champagne of the region of Catalunya

You will also go passed the lake in which (you can see the rooftops of houses from ancient times that are buried under the lake) when there is a shortage of water you can see the rooftops of houses from ancient times that are buried under the lake.

Andorra is a money saver’s paradise. It is free of the taxes that are applied to neighbouring France and Spain so if you fancy some early Christmas shopping for your alcohol, cigarettes, electrical goods, perfume or clothes and you would like to visit two countries in one day, having a great time shopping and experiencing some breathtaking scenery, then this is the place for you!

The Villamarina is your ideal all inclusive family holiday destination, giving you a fantastic base to explore Salou, Costa Dorada and Andorra. If you fancy exploring a different part of Salou The Festival Village in Cap Salou offers large all inclusive apartments also as a fantastic base to ensure you also get all you need on your all inclusive family holiday.

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Friday, 5 December 2008

Holidays in Salou

Introduction to Salou
Salou is situated in the Costa Dorada between Cambrils and La Pineda, this resort host fine sandy beaches with calm seas. Salou is home to the number 1 attraction in the Costa Dorada of Port Aventura theme park, making it a great holiday destination.

Why go to Salou
Salou is a great for family holidays with great beaches water sports, good shopping, lots of local and British restaurants to suit everyone’s tastes.
Fun days out at the theme Park or the Costa caribe water park for all the family to enjoy.
There are lots of family bars and night bars to cater for everyone’s needs all within easy reach of each other.
Salou is only 1 and half hours from the amazing city of Barcelona, 20 mins away from Tarragona and Reus, and 15 mins away from Cambrils and La Pineda.

Who goes to Salou?
Salou is very popular with British tourists as well as Spaniards. Salou has wide appeal attracting visitors of all ages. Families, couples and young people will all find enjoyment in Salou.

How to get to Salou
The nearest Airport to Salou is Reus just 10 mins away, all major tour operators fly in to this resort in the summer period. If you are more of an independent traveller, Ryanair fly from several British airports daily.
Barcelona Airport is 1 hour 30 mins away and has a lot more budget airlines to choose from. Trains are very easy from Barcelona to Salou.

Salou Nightlife
Salou has the liveliest nightlife on the Costa Dorada with its many bars, clubs, karaoke bars and discos, where the young and energetic can party into the small hours.
It also has many family bars offering live entertainemnt and caberets for all the family to enjoy.

When to go to Salou
The most popular time to holiday in Salou is from April to October when the temperature ranges from a very pleasant 18 degrees rising to 30 degrees in the height of summer. High season months can be very busy. The outside months can be prone to light rain.

Salou shopping

There are plenty of wide ranging opportunities for shopping in Salou. Traditional souvenirs and gifts such as leather goods and ceramics can be found at the market in the old town centre every Monday. There is also a good supply of boutiques for fashions and other specialist shops. The most serious shoppers may be tempted by Barcelona, only one hour away by train or Tarragona or Reus just 20 mins away by public transport.

Salou eating
Salou has a wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Traditional Spanish restaurants, fast food, and many british bars offering you the taste of home. All the restaurantrs in Salou offer you a warm welcome.

Where to stay in Salou
Salou is home to many hotels and Apartment however , if you are looking for a good value for money holiday and not having to worry about bringing too much spending money then have a look at the Villa Marina 3* all inclusive hotel. This family hotel offers you unlimited local produced drinks, soft and alcoholic, breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks throughout the day and a full day and nightime entertainment programme for all the family to enjoy. All this included in the price. The Villa Marina was the first hotel in Salou to offer All Inclusive.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Holidays in Salou - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy baby milk in the Costa Dorada?
Local super markets sell baby foods and milks the most popular makes here in Salou is Nestlé, other baby milks and equivalents to UK brands can be purchased at local pharmacies.

Where can I exchange money?
The Villa Marina reception does exchange money and traveller’s cheques; the hotel is in an area with several banks where money can be withdrawn direct from your account or exchange. Banks are only open 08.00-14.00 Monday to Friday.

What do I do if I need Medical Treatment or Assistance?
Depending what insurance cover you have, depends on the best course of action for you. Both medical systems are very good.
If you have private holiday insurance cover, there are several medical companies that visit the hotel and have the call out facility these are recommended by Tour Operators, you will have to pay the first 70 euros for a doctor call out.
If you are only travelling with your E1-11 then you are covered by the National Clinic, which is a 5 mins walk from the Villa Marina. There will also be a 50 euro administration charge to see a doctor.
The response time and treatment is of a high standard here in the Costa Dorada.

How much is a Taxi from Reus Airport?
There are lots of taxis situated directly outside the airport and cost approx 30 euros to Salou. The Journey time from Reus Airport to the Villa Marina Hotel is 10 mins.
There is also a public bus service from the airport with Plana autocars; this would take you slightly longer.

What type of clothing do I need?

April, May are coolers months and would recommend bring your summer clothes and a few warmer clothes, these months can be prone to rain
June, the weather and temperature starts to increase and would recommend putting a light jacket in to your suitcase as could be a little cooler in an evening.
July and August – hottest months, light summer clothing.
September, October, start to cool down again as April and May.
You can never predict the weather and I would recommend that you always pack within reason for the good and bad weather.

Can I buy toiletries whilst I am there?
The Villamarina is a 2 min walk away from a large supermarket intermerche which sells all toiletries, from hair care, toothpastes, moisturisers, soaps, nappies, baby wipes etc
By purchasing products in resort helps you with your luggage weight allowance.

Can I get my Medication in Spain?
If you run out of your medication whilst here in the Costa Dorada you will require as note from your GP advising what medication it is you require and then would need to take this to the Medical centre.

What essentials will I need?
Sun cream, after sun, Insect repellent, 2 pin adaptor for plug sockets, however all these can be purchased in resort.

How much Spending money will I need?
The greatest thing about the Villa Marina been all inclusive is this cuts down the amount of money you need to bring with you, as all your food and drink is included.
It all depends on what you plan to do whilst you are here, if you want to go on trips and excursions well ensure you bring money for this. Excursions normally cost between 20 – 45 euros per adult and 15 – 35 euros for a child.
Average cost for a soft drink is 1.50 euros, half of beer is between 1.50-2.00 euros, and a pint beer is 3.50 – 4.50 euros, a meal out averages on 5-10 euros per person not including drinks.

How much duty free can I bring back?
There are no longer any duty-free allowances for journeys within the European Union (EU). Instead, you can bring back an unlimited amount of goods from travel in any EU country, as long as it is for your personal use or as a gift. In practice if you are over 17 you will be allowed up to 3200 cigarettes, 10 litres of spirits, 90 litres of wine and 110 litres of beer. If you bring in more you will have to persuade customs that it is for personal use. There are further allowances for different tobacco products and alcoholic drinks.

Do the shops close in an afternoon?
In the summer period the shops normally open 9-13 and 16-20 or even as late as 22.00. You will find that in the main tourist side that the majority of the shops stay open all day.
If you was to visit the near by cities such as Tarragona and Reus you will find that the shops do close for Siesta.

What religion is practised in Costa Dorada?
Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution, although the majority of the population is Catholic. Other religions also practised in Spain include Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, and Hinduism, all of which have places where to conduct their rituals.

What Language is spoken in Costa Dorada?
The language for the Catalonia area is Catalan; however the majority of the people do speak Spanish.

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Car Hire Costa Dorada

Driving overseas is a great way to explore, Salou and the Costa dorada you can hire a car any time. The rules of the road can be very different, so it is important that you obey them.
Hiring a car enables you to visit more towns, villages and attractions within the Costa Dorada area at your own leisure.

The Costa Dorada is famous for its beaches, resorts and theme parks. With its many exciting sites to explore and easy access too many more, this area has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in Spain.

Easily the largest tourist draw to Salou is Port Aventura, a theme park. This theme park is filled with restaurants, shows, games, and of course rides. Featured, and dominating the skyline for miles around, is one of the largest rollercoaster’s in Europe, the terrifying and exciting Dragon Khan.

Salou contains several relics that stand as testament to its rich history. During the 13th century, King Jaume I conquered this city from the Moors and is still revered today. This beach town is awash in activities for holiday makers. Beyond the beautiful beach and its sunbathing and swimming options, Salou offers parasailing, golf, tennis, cycling, horseback riding in addition to its great restaurants, family Bars and clubs. Another option is the Aquopolis Water Park or Caribe Water Park. These parks have waterslides for all the family.

Salou is also well placed as a base for exploring other interesting places. Not far from Salou and easily reached by car is the town of Figueres which features the Salvador Dali Museum. It is also near the famous city of Barcelona just 1 hour by car with its magnificent Gaudi architecture and Montserrat spectacular mountain monastery. A bit closer to Salou you will find Tarragona which has many Roman ruins including the amphitheater.

You can also experience Cambrils a small fishing village just a 15 min drive away from Salou, and watch the fishermen bring home their live catch on an evening. By hiring a car you experience the Delta Ebro, with its fantastic scenery and fishing, just 25 mins down the coast.

Hiring a car gives you the freedom and choice of planning endless activities and sights for your trip to the Costa Dorada. Villa Marina is in the perfect location for you to go and explore the Costa Dorada by car.

3 well known car hire companies here in the Costa Dorada are Hertz, Europcar and Avis, and the average price for a small car for 1 week is from 230 – 300 euros.

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Tarragona Tourist Information

Tarragona is located on the Mediterranean coast, 100 KM south of Barcelona and 9 Km from salou, Spain, in the region of Catalunya and is part of the United Nation educational scientific and cultural organisation (UNESCO).
While earlier settlements may have inhabited the area, the first occupation of Tarragona is attributed to Gneus Scipio, who founded a Roman military camp here in 218 B.C. It grew quickly and was named a colony of Rome in 45 B.C. by Julius Ceasar. Tarragona is considered the most important Roman town in Spain.

Tarragona - Getting There by Train / Bus:
The Tarragona train station is in the Plaza Pedrera. There are many to from Salou and Barcelona. The station at Tarragona is close to the port and to the main street, the Rambla Nova.
The Bus station is situated at the bottom of the Rambla and bus run approx every 15-20 mins from salou

Tarragona Attractions:
Amphitheatre Romà - The Roman Amphitheatre is located near the sea, just off the Rambla Nova.
Tarragona’s has a 12th century cathedral. Inside is the Museum Diocesà, with a collection of Catalan art you can visit for 2.40 Euros.
The Archaeological Museum - At Plaça Del Rei 5, overlooking the sea. Free on Tuesdays.
Museum Necròpolis - The Necropolis Museum outside town is one of the most important Christian burial sites in Spain, used in the 3-5th centuries.

You will find some interesting bars and seafood restaurants in the Port area near the marina. A recommend place is the de la Font area for its lively cafe and tapas scene. Remember that Spaniards eat dinner very late in the evening. Often 9pm or later therefore may be quiet up till this point.

Tarragona is also a great place to get some shopping with many high street names on the Rambla and a commercial centre right next to the bus station in Tarragona, besides being a fine city full with Roman ruins and good restaurants, is a relatively cheap place to visit whilst staying at the Villa Marina in Salou, and is just 20 mins away.
Building human pyramids is a Catalonian sport. Castellers have been building human pyramids here, some as high as 5 story buildings, for hundreds of hears. You can see them in action in Tarragona during the Sant Magi festival in mid-August
Tarragona is a great place to visit whilst staying in Salou with a mountain of history and sights worth seeing

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Fishing Spots not far from the Villa Marina in the Costa Dorada

Fancy going fishing for the Day whilst here in the Villa Marina

The river Ebro is Spain’s longest river rising approx 50 miles and flowing 400 miles and emerges at a large delta 100 miles south of Barcelona.

There are several locations for fishing such as Tortosa, Amposta and the Deltebre, and there are organisations where you can hire a boat for the day with a guide to ensure you get a great catch, all areas within 30-40 mins drive from the Villa Marina Hotel.
Prices vary from 100-200 euros for a boat and guide for 8 hours (boats normally accept 3 anglers) . Catfish is very popular in these areas and can weigh up to an incredible 160 lbs.

The easiest access to the fishing points would by hiring a car from the Villa Marina or taking part in an organised excursion where you would be collected from the Villa Marina.

This is the ideal out for the boys or ladies whilst the rest of your family sit back and enjoy their all inclusive facilities at the Villa Marina

To enable you to fish in the Ebro you will be required to get a fishing licence which can be obtained online on the following web page www.gencat.cat cost of the licence is approx 15 euros.

Tortosa – Fishing here is concentrated in a number of pools and eddy’s created by fast flowing waters, along with some slacks and slow margin drifts.

Amposta – The water in this area is deeper, sluggish and more coloured but has been known for specimens over 160lbs.

Deltebre – An area of river which is wide, deep and nearly untapped, and the fish are mainly concentrated in the reed lines. There are some really monsters to be caught in this river.

Weather and best time to go fishing

Low season March / April the river will run high and coloured which makes catfish relatively easy to catch and locate water temperature will be cool 10 degrees rising gradually throughout April. This is the time of season when the female catfish are carrying masses of spawn.

Mid season May/ June the river is often still running high, the water will start to drop gradually with lovely sunny days and the water temperature hitting 20 degrees.

High season – July / August provides a consistent sport even in the heat of the day with water temperatures around 25 degrees.

If you like fishing and beautiful scenery then this is a great opportunity to relax and participate in this sporting event.

For more information please do not hesitate in contacting the Villa Marina who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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