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Holidays in Salou - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy baby milk in the Costa Dorada?
Local super markets sell baby foods and milks the most popular makes here in Salou is Nestlé, other baby milks and equivalents to UK brands can be purchased at local pharmacies.

Where can I exchange money?
The Villa Marina reception does exchange money and traveller’s cheques; the hotel is in an area with several banks where money can be withdrawn direct from your account or exchange. Banks are only open 08.00-14.00 Monday to Friday.

What do I do if I need Medical Treatment or Assistance?
Depending what insurance cover you have, depends on the best course of action for you. Both medical systems are very good.
If you have private holiday insurance cover, there are several medical companies that visit the hotel and have the call out facility these are recommended by Tour Operators, you will have to pay the first 70 euros for a doctor call out.
If you are only travelling with your E1-11 then you are covered by the National Clinic, which is a 5 mins walk from the Villa Marina. There will also be a 50 euro administration charge to see a doctor.
The response time and treatment is of a high standard here in the Costa Dorada.

How much is a Taxi from Reus Airport?
There are lots of taxis situated directly outside the airport and cost approx 30 euros to Salou. The Journey time from Reus Airport to the Villa Marina Hotel is 10 mins.
There is also a public bus service from the airport with Plana autocars; this would take you slightly longer.

What type of clothing do I need?

April, May are coolers months and would recommend bring your summer clothes and a few warmer clothes, these months can be prone to rain
June, the weather and temperature starts to increase and would recommend putting a light jacket in to your suitcase as could be a little cooler in an evening.
July and August – hottest months, light summer clothing.
September, October, start to cool down again as April and May.
You can never predict the weather and I would recommend that you always pack within reason for the good and bad weather.

Can I buy toiletries whilst I am there?
The Villamarina is a 2 min walk away from a large supermarket intermerche which sells all toiletries, from hair care, toothpastes, moisturisers, soaps, nappies, baby wipes etc
By purchasing products in resort helps you with your luggage weight allowance.

Can I get my Medication in Spain?
If you run out of your medication whilst here in the Costa Dorada you will require as note from your GP advising what medication it is you require and then would need to take this to the Medical centre.

What essentials will I need?
Sun cream, after sun, Insect repellent, 2 pin adaptor for plug sockets, however all these can be purchased in resort.

How much Spending money will I need?
The greatest thing about the Villa Marina been all inclusive is this cuts down the amount of money you need to bring with you, as all your food and drink is included.
It all depends on what you plan to do whilst you are here, if you want to go on trips and excursions well ensure you bring money for this. Excursions normally cost between 20 – 45 euros per adult and 15 – 35 euros for a child.
Average cost for a soft drink is 1.50 euros, half of beer is between 1.50-2.00 euros, and a pint beer is 3.50 – 4.50 euros, a meal out averages on 5-10 euros per person not including drinks.

How much duty free can I bring back?
There are no longer any duty-free allowances for journeys within the European Union (EU). Instead, you can bring back an unlimited amount of goods from travel in any EU country, as long as it is for your personal use or as a gift. In practice if you are over 17 you will be allowed up to 3200 cigarettes, 10 litres of spirits, 90 litres of wine and 110 litres of beer. If you bring in more you will have to persuade customs that it is for personal use. There are further allowances for different tobacco products and alcoholic drinks.

Do the shops close in an afternoon?
In the summer period the shops normally open 9-13 and 16-20 or even as late as 22.00. You will find that in the main tourist side that the majority of the shops stay open all day.
If you was to visit the near by cities such as Tarragona and Reus you will find that the shops do close for Siesta.

What religion is practised in Costa Dorada?
Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution, although the majority of the population is Catholic. Other religions also practised in Spain include Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, and Hinduism, all of which have places where to conduct their rituals.

What Language is spoken in Costa Dorada?
The language for the Catalonia area is Catalan; however the majority of the people do speak Spanish.

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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Transfer from Reus and Barcelona airport

Barcelona and Reus airports are the nearest ones to Hotel Villamarina Club.

The majority of tourists reach the Costa Dorada using Reus airport. At the moment Ryanair, First choice airways, Mytravel airways, Thomsonfly and Thomas Cook airlines have got plenty of UK and Ireland departure cities that fly to Reus airport.

Reus airport is 10 Km (6.2) miles away from the Hotel Villamarina Club. Transfer from the airport to the hotel can be done by either taxi or bus:

- Taxi: the journey takes between 15 and 20 minutes subjected to traffic. It costs between 24 € and 30€. Taxis in Spain take 4 passengers plus the driver. There are a few taxis who can take up to 6 people and also for disabled people but they need to be booked in advance or use the taxi rankin front the arrivals gate in the airport. Please have a look at Salou and Reus taxi companies Taxi Servei Logics SL (+34 902 385 050), Radio Taxi Salou (+34 977 385 090), Taxis Costa Daurada (+34 977 382 107) and Taxis Reus (+34 977 345 050).

- Bus: The journey takes around 25 minutes also depending on the traffic and the ticket costs 5.60 € per person for one way or 9.55€ for a roundtrip ticket (please make sure you ring them before your departure date to reconfirm your pick up time). Children under 4 years old go for free. The bus stop is just in front of the arrivals gate at Reus airport and you get dropped off at the Hotel Villamarina Club. For more information please visit Autocars Plana.

- Car Rental: Another option is to rent a car to visit the area and its surroundings. At Reus airport you can find different companies such as Avis (+34 977 779 855), Europcar (+34 977 779 851), Hertz (+34 977 779 872) and Sol-Mar (+34 977 778 480). The prices may vary according to the time of the season. Make sure you book your car in advance.

Barcelona airport is the second busiest airport in Spain with more than 30 million passengers in 2006. It is located in the Southwest of Barcelona (8 miles away from the city) and 102 km (63.4 miles) from Salou. You can fly from most UK and Ireland cities to Barcelona with Flyglobespan, Easyjet, Jet2, Bmibaby, Thomsonfly, Aer Lingus, Clickair, British Airways, Iberia, Monarch Airlines and Thomas cook Airlines. Transfer from Barcelona airport to Hotel Villamarina Club can be done by:

- Taxi: The journey takes about one hour and 15 minutes, depending on the traffic. The approximate cost of the journey is 150€. There is a taxi rank in front of the 3 arrival gates of the airport.

- Bus: There is a bus from Barcelona airport to Salou with stops at Port Aventura and La Pineda. The journey takes one hour and a half. The bus stop is in front of Terminal B arrival gate. This bus is operated for Autocars Plana.

Alsa company also do transfers from Barcelona airport by bus to Tarragona. When arriving at Tarragona you need to get a taxi to Hotel Villamarina Club which costs around 20.00€. The bus stop is also in front of Terminal B arrival gate.

- Train: There is a train station at Barcelona airport. Line 10 connects the airport with Barcelona city. There are trains every 20 minutes depending on the day and the time and the ticket costs 2.50€. Once in Barcelona it is necessary you need to stop at Barcelona Sants station and get another train to Salou. The train ticket from Barcelona to Salou costs between 6,00 and 18,00 € according to the type and category of the train and lasts about 90 minutes. Salou’s train station is 450 metres from the Hotel Villamarina Club.

- Car rental: The companies that offer this service are the following: Avis (+34 932 983 600), Europcar (+34 932 983 300), Hertz (+ 34 932 983 637), Sol-Mar (+34 932 983 433). All of these companies do have offices in Terminal B and C. Bare in mind that while in the highway you will have to pay toll.

There are also a few companies which arrange transfers from both airports to the Hotel Villamarina Club. You may wish to have a look on the Internet.

We hope this information is useful for you and makes your next visit to the Hotel Villamarina Club easier, cheaper and more enjoyable.

If you have been in Salou and wish to share your experience regarding transfers please do not hesitate to write your comment.

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